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Meet Amy Ressa (The Painted House & More)

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I do a variety of things including decorative painting, jewelry making, making candles and body products. I really love to paint on glassware and design jewelry. I just recently added making soaps, smelly jellies, lotions, and hand soap to my product line. I have had my business for over two years and really am concentrating on taking it from a hobby to a successful business. I have recently set up a booth at Finder's Keepers in Heath and Kindred Spirits in Pickerington. I am still playing with what items will sell and which location it will sell the best at. I have also committed to selling some of my products on a consignment basis at a new shop opening in Grove City this coming Saturday and at a new shop that opened today in downtown Delaware. I am always looking for places to sell my products. I am a self taught decorative painting and jewelry artist. I love being creative and am always interested in new ideas and sharing my ideas with others.


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