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Would you like to teach your team member something?

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As we discussed at our meeting, we would like to start up the "seminar days" once again.

There are many things you can do for this:

1.You could teach a basic "how to" in your field.
2. Are you savvy in anything that could help someone else in their online sales?
3. Do you have any marketing experience to help others with their buisness?
4. Do you just want to host a get together?

You can have the event at whichever place you choose and same with the time.

If you have an idea or have thought up something and would like to proceed, post a comment or email me at jewelsofluxury@gmail.com.


Molly said...

Heya! I've finally decided on a date for my "Mind Mapping" workshop. October 16th, at my house, from 7-9 pm. Mind mapping can be used for anything from brainstorming new crafty ideas to marketing your next show. Please come and check it out if you can... it should be pretty fun!!


Lyn StClair said...

Class Suggestion: Teach Me to Photograph My Jewelry.

This is the most frustrating part of this business! I just can't take a decent picture to save me.

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