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Members: Participation Needed for November Fall Giveaway!

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November Fall Giveaway! Going from Nov. 5-30th.
Through looking over a few HOT etsy team blogs, I noticed alot are doing giveaways through their blogs. So, in order to get people to sign up for our monthly newsletter (something new for people to track our monthly escapades) and gain us a decent following and new buyers, I would like to start offering some seasonal giveaways. This will require you to provide a $10 gift certificate to your shop and in turn.........

1. You will be getting your site featured in the giveaway article.
2. Get views in your shop from participants looking to win the giveaway.
3. Help to create a following for the team through the newsletter.

Taking a cue from the Baltimore Team's giveaway this is what will be required of participants..... "All you have to do is join our mailing list (if you have not done so already) AND visit a participating artists shop and leave a comment here about your favorite item(s)."

So if you would like to participate in the giveaway, just email the etsyteamcolum...@gmail.com email and I will add you to the article coming out November 1st.

*Note* Before you sign up to participate: You must be able to provide a virtual gift certificate by the end deadline in order for me to email it to the winner.


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