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Message to Members

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With the new blog being developed, we want to start implementing some new uses for it. For one, I would like to have a "Friday Finds" article every week. If you have any ideas for an article, let me know the theme and the week you would like to have it featured. This is a very fun idea and can be lighthearted or more in depth. It's up to you! Take it and fly!!!

This Week: Oct. 27th - Nov. 2nd - HALLOWEEN WEEK TEAM FINDS

Next Week: Nov. 3rd - Nov. 9th - EARLY CHRISTMAS DEALS
(this article will feature team members who are offering a discount or special pricing to shop early in their stores)


Arteest said...

I will be using a 10% discount in my shop during the week. The link to my shop is http://arteest.etsy.com
To receive the discount, the buyer can mention the Etsy Columbus Blog in the "Message to Seller" space and I will refund it through paypal.

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