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Just in time for your Holiday Shopping!

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Etsy.com has just added a hot new feature that will be great to drop hints to all your friends and family about the items you are digging! Check out the latest Storque Article!

Tech Updates: Tell a Friend
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Now it's easier than ever to spread the word about cool items you find on Etsy. When you find an item that you can't resist sharing with friends, make sure you're signed in to Etsy and then click the 'Tell a friend' link under 'page tools' on the right of any listing page. You'll be taken to a form that looks like this:

Enter the email addresses of up to 10 friends separated by commas, customize the subject line, personalize your message and click 'Send.' Your friends will receive an email that looks like this:

If they use a web-based email service like Gmail that displays HTML, they'll see a thumbnail image of the item and a summary of the item description along with your personalized message. If their email client doesn't display images, they'll see a plain-text version with a link to the item page. The email your friends receive will come directly from the email address you have saved on file in your Etsy account info. Your friends will be able to reply to the email and continue discussing the item directly with you.

We will only use the email addresses you provide for Tell a Friend for the Tell a Friend service. See our Privacy Policy for details on how we protect your personal information and feel free to contact us with any questions. Recipients of Tell a Friend emails will always have the option to opt out of receiving future Tell a Friend emails.


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