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Tsuru Bride presents: The Copper Cat Clutch CONTEST!!

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From one of our team members, Tsurubride: www.tsurubride.com

Some friends and I noticed that my copper cat clutch keeps showing up on blogs and other pages, kinda like the gnome in Amelie, and I have decided to hold a contest to see who can find the most pages with my copper cat on it.

How to play:
Search online and find as many pages as possible with the below image (I've found 7). It needs to be my copper cat (no champagne or other color cats will do). Then email me at tsurubride (at) gmail.com with the links, with "copper cat contest" in the subject line.
For example: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=13685427 You can include that example in the ones you find. You can also stock the odds in your favor by posting the copper cat on your own blog and your friends blog, though other people will be able to grab those links as well.
Please make sure you include all your links in 1 email.

What do you win? Who ever finds the most pages wins a $10 gift certificate for my shop or a free card holder, I haven't quite decided which (maybe I'll let the winner decide). And say if 3 people find the same number of cats, well then I'll draw a winner randomly from those 3. The contest starts TODAY! and will run until December 1st - so you have 3 weeks - get searching!


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