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Concerned Over the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act?

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For those of you that have been following the issues with the CPSIA and how that's affecting handmade children's items from small businesses, you may want to read through this article for some enlightening points based on the latest developments:
Don't Throw Yourself Under the CPSIA Bus

Come join the Community Chat tomorrow to ask questions and help catch you up to speed.
Community Chat on the CPSIA: Friday, January 23rd, 12:00pm EST in the Auditorium of the Virtual Labs on Etsy.com.

General Agenda:

1. Briefing/Updating on CPSIA Regulations - To the best of my ability, I will discuss, in layman's terms, what the law says, where it stands now, and what the time frame is.

2. Hypothetical CPSIA Pricing - What are the pros and cons of Etsy sellers placing theoretical prices on items that may be affected by the CPSIA.

3. Take Action - Ideas for getting the word out to the media, lobbying politicians, and educating the community.

4. Resources - Links, resources, contacts.


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