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Monday's Featured Item of the day

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Good morning gang! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Today's item is from a newer member of our team, Carroll Baker. He is a photographer by day and professional magician by night. His wife is also part of our talented team (Handmade by Andrea Baker). They have two beautiful daughters and overflowing amounts of creativity in their home.

Recently Carroll wrote up the following introduction...
"As a professional Entertainer, I travel a bit and love to take my camera with me on the road and take photos of some of the things I see. I love classic cars and Carousel Horses. I know that it is a strange mix, might be the "carny" in me.
I have a background in Commercial art and photography was always a hobby (Magic was always my first love). "
>>We're proud to welcome him aboard. And we hope all of you enjoy Carroll's photo of this delicate rose. Links are provided below:
(better half)


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