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Tuesday's item of the day from Mels Clay

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Newer team member, Melanie, is an accountant by day and a polymer clay artist by night. She enjoys creating her own beads and mixing them with other materials to design unique jewelry. Her shop also includes polymer clay covered pens, recycled tins and pendants. We have personally watched the painstaking time and attention which goes into each part of her process. She textures her clay, mixes her own colors , builds her canes, reduces them and then begins slicing and arranging according to what she is working on at the moment. Even then she is still not done....baking follows as well as tedious sanding and then varnishing. It requires patience and seems to be a true labor of love!

Check out this pink chrysanthemum pattern on the tin pictured above. Doesn't it look delicate and ladylike? In truth it's actually pretty durable. The tin may be used to hold money, change, gum, candy, mints, emergency sewing kits, and any number of random trinkets. To view this unique handcrafted piece and more, please click the link below which will bring you to Mel's etsy shop. Enjoy!


Melsclay said...

Thank you Karla and Etsy Team Columbus!

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