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TGIF Item of the day by Lcabanero Designs

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Yay. It's almost the weekend! Are you one of those people who gets a giddy feeling at 5pm on Friday? Freedom!

Today's item and featured team member are flush with whimsy and light-heartedness too. Meet Lenny of Lcabanero Designs. She is a former art teacher who finds solace in working with many different types of media. She also claims to be a big kid at heart. That seems very appropriate considering her adorable line of plushies.

Another enticing aspect of Lenny's shop is the lure of custom creations. She can work with you to design a plushie modeled after your child's drawings. The two of you could then select fabrics and colors to best meet your wee one's vision. You could also opt to have matching hair clippies made if you were shopping for a little girl! How fun is that?

Please take advantage of the links posted below...the weekend is a great time to browse this artist's shop as well as any of our other team members. Namaste!


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