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Have you Yarted today?

Author jannypie Category

Etsy is running a free shipping promotion all this weekend, so be sure to check it out! Here's the skinny....

  • Free Shipping Collaboration — To take part in a free shipping promotion, tag your items with "yartfreeship" so that we can find you. Here's how we'll feature these items.
    • Free Shipping universal Yart Sale tag for Etsy: yartfreeship
      • Free Shipping Gift Guidelocated under the "Limited Time Promotions Guide" heading
      • Home Page banner linking to this Free Shipping Guide
      • Home pages — Lists made from "Yart" search term once per day throughout sale
      • Etsy Emails: Integrating relevant "Yart" related content into the Weekend Deals Etsy Finds articles/emails. Please post in this forum thread.
      • Twitter Collaboration — Etsy tweets with the Yart organizers' universal hash tag: #Yart


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