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Inside the Mind of An Artist at Work

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Team member Amy Ressa is a painting QUEEN! Not only is she known for her colorful glassware, but she also dabbles in home decor and is happy to embellish many different surfaces such as walls, canvas, plastic, metal, ceramic, fabric and more. When she mentioned another new application of her talent, we had to know more.

What is your latest endeavor called?
I refer to it as "a little piece of my art" pendants and brooches.
What was your inspiration?
I have had an interest in painting glass pendants and I began with the clear glass tiles. I have painted three different sizes and turned them in to pendants by gluing on the bails. I also painted on a few different size seashells and turned them in to pendants as well. My mind continued to wander. I had seen something similar with the broken plates, but the person just did it with plates they purchased and only made brooches. I thought, why couldn’t I do that, but paint them myself? That would be a wonderful way for people to get a little piece of my art. I am still kind of playing with it, but I really think I like gluing a few tiles together, almost like a mosaic piece, but make a pendant or brooch with it instead. I have also considered making funky rings with some of the pieces. I have the findings, but just need to figure it out from there.

I have always loved plates. I guess I inherited that love from my grandmother. I painted a lot plates in the past for different occasions and had a lot of the small white plates left. Since I am no longer painting those, I wanted to figure out something useful that I could do with them. This really seems perfect and a great way to re-purpose something in to a lovely piece of art.

Who is your target audience?
My target audience will really vary. I think the pendants could be more for young adults up to maybe 45-50. The brooches would probably be more for older people 45-70.
How is this line different from what you may have done before?
I have painted plates and I have painted glass pendants, but never turned my plates in to pendants or brooches. I am still doing what I love, painting on the same surfaces, but turning it in to something entirely different than what it was originally intended for.
How will this project resonate with fans of your previous work? Will it feel familiar to them?
I feel people who like my work will relate to my new pieces. They are painted with similar designs and colors and when you see them, many will know that I am the one who painted them.

Okay folks, watch for those pins and pendants to show up in the near future...and for now be sure to go check out Amy's latest popular wares in her 2 etsy shops: http://aressa.etsy.com/ and http://aamilou.etsy.com


Andrea Baker said...

WOW Amy, those pendents look beautiful!!!

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