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VOTE for our talented team member

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Our pal Kathryn, of the etsy shop Arteest, is in a contest for which piece of wall-art folks would most like to hang on their wall. She is such a kind and talented individual...would you help us with a push to send voters her way? The painting is truly beautiful too. I can personally vouch that my mom and I both own smaller versions (in different color schemes) of this lovely piece. So, earn your good karma for the day and nudge our ETC team mate on to victory. Thanks bunches! Link provided below:

You may also visit Kathryn's etsy shop directly to marvel at her creative vision:

Finally, one team member is profiling another in her personal blog. There's a giveaway too. Since you're already showing the love for Kathryn, go ahead and do the same for Melanie and Melinda too okay?
Their shop links are:


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