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September Birthdays

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Three members of our team celebrate their special day during the month of September. They are Michelle, Kathryn and Karla. Please join us as we extend warmest wishes to them. Links to their shops are provided below. Have a great day!

http://JewelsofLuxury.etsy.com Whimsy Carnivale Steampunk Necklace

http://Arteest.etsy.com Neighborhood original acrylic painting

http://AdornmentsbyKarla.etsy.com Desert Dragonfly Necklace


Andrea Baker said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope each and every one of you have a fabulous time on you birthday!

Melsclay said...

Happy Bday lovelys!

AutismLoveHope said...

Happy Birthday ladies! I hope I get to meet you all in person one of these days! I just moved here from Canton, Ohio - and I love it here! Hope to see your work in person soon!


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