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for the birds

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Etsy Team Columbus members are always updating their shops, and now that we have several new members, there is even more to see than ever! Be sure to include Etsy Team Columbus in your search, so you know you are finding the local, high-quality handmade goods from our members.

Here are some new listings that are "for the birds"... in a good way!

Birdie Appliqued Bag handmade and Designed by Mary Moon
Handpainted mini artwork magnet blue bird 2x3
Nesting Earrings - freshwater pearls and sterling silver
Girls Bubble Skirt and matching tshirt - 2-3T
Sassy Chick Wood-Burned Bangle Bracelet  (Small)
Live to Love, Love to Live Keepsake Print in Chinese - 8 X 10 Birds
flash card pack - Chimney Swift
Dazzling Bird In Pink - Fight Against Breast Cancer
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Adornments by Karla said...

GREAT theme...I have a birdy charm bracelet in my shop :-) Search in bracelets at AdornmentsbyKarla.etsy.com (proud member of etsy team columbus)

mary moon designs said...

Thank You for making the Bird themed post and including my bag,it's a real tweet :o)

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