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Let's Hear it for the Boys!

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Finding things for the special men in our lives can be hard! Here's a fun selection from the team.

For the readers, Bookmark Book from Spacedog studios

For the little boys, Robot Invitations from On a Limb

For the travelers, Wanderlust Pin from Maram

For the tough guys, Muscle Bike Photograph from Carroll Baker

For the romantic men, Hand painted Pilsner Glasses from Aressa

For the gamers, Swampy Monster Mini Pouch from Arsti Bitsi


Amy's The Painted House and More said...

Love this post. Really neat ideas for the male in your life! Great job!!!!

Adornments by Karla said...

I also think Tsurubride has a "cassette tape" business card holder that some men would enjoy!

Andrea Baker said...

Super selections for the boys!

Molly said...

what a great post! I lovvvve the robot invitation!

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