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How 2 - Make a Reversible Purse!

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This is a great project for anyone who has not done much sewing. There are no fancy stitches. No buttons, zippers or tricky bits either. The total construction time is about two hours, after you've assembled all of your materials.

This is also a great project for anyone who loves purses, but has trouble finding THE PERFECT PURSE. You pick the size, the color and the length of the strap. And it's reversible. So if your plans change, just flip it inside out and have a completely different look.

Finally, this project will give you basic purse assembly skills. After this one, you can make another one -- maybe with TWO straps! Or with a button loop instead of a flap! Your design. You decide.

To start, download the PDF.

Sew Easy Purse - It's Reversible!


Amy's The Painted House and More said...

Very nice Bits! Thanks for posting!!

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