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Win a Gift Basket from ETC!!

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So we mentioned the Variety Boxes are up from Etsy Team Columbus, right?!
How would you like to win a small collection from this art savvy group?
In the season of giving we would like to offer a raffle prize! Oh yah, that's right!
All you have to do is help spread the word about
Etsy team Columbus!
That's it!
What you need to do is 3 out of 4 things below:
  1. blog about ETC and the variety boxes! leave link in comments
  2. spread the word via facebook or twitter! leave link in comments
  3. make a purchase from one of the ETC members!
  4. sign up to receive our blog by email!

You MUST come back and leave a comment with the links to what you
did and your favorite ETC artist!!

We are excited to share, so sign up soon!

Winner will be announced December 16th!!
The winner will receive it by Dec 21st!
Just in time to share the wealth (if you choose too)!


One20 Farm and BluGiRlinK said...

ooooh!! posted on face book and at www.bluegirlink.blogspot.com/2009/12/december-etsy-team-variety-boxes-are-up.html
favorite this week?
Hevvin design's new clutches!!

Andrea Baker said...

Lets see Posted on twitter, posted on plurk, and posted on facebook! WOOT!

tscrapper said...

Just posted it to my Facebook page and fan page (which posts to Twitter), working on the blog post. :)

Jacquelyn said...

Linked in Facebook: http://www.facebook.com//profile.php?v=feed&story_fbid=357999290164&id=1586847002#/home.php?ref=home

Joined mailing list.

Blogged on Vox:

Mary said...

Blog linked to twitter!

Mary said...

Blogged about it!

Mary said...

Blog linked to my Satisfy Your Senses Page on Facebook!

Mary said...

Blog Linked to Face Book.

Mary said...

Plurked it! (plurk linked to twitter too)!

Mary said...

My fave ETC Artist is Andrea Baker!!

Mary said...

subscribed to your blog by email!

Mara said...

I posted on my blog!


Grace Hester Designs said...

Blogged about ETC and the variety boxes here,


Grace Hester Designs said...



Grace Hester Designs said...

Just signed up for the newsletter!

smiss00.artfire.com said...

Blogged: http://www.artfire.com/users/smiss00/blog/win-a-variety-box-from-etsy-team-columbus

Facebooked: http://www.facebook.com/Simply.Smiss

Tweeted: http://twitter.com/Smiss00/status/6727223026

Signed up for newsletter :)

BBPartyGirl said...

Subscribed to the blog by email.

BBPartyGirl said...

Posted to FB!

BBPartyGirl said...

I blogged about ETC and the Variety boxes!

BBPartyGirl said...

I made a purchase :)

Kristin Ellis said...

I've blogged it!
I've facebooked it!

Kristin Ellis said...

My favorite artist????

Kristin Ellis said...

I signed up for the newsletter because I'm already a blog subscriber. Oooh feelin' lucky!

One20 Farm and BluGiRlinK said...

and the winner is Christina!! Congrats!!

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