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Meet Alaina Cherup (Cheerupcherup)

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I moved to Columbus/Grove City (from Northwest Ohio) last May to be with my husband, and I love it here! I graduated from Marietta College with my Bachelor's in Graphic Design, but I also have a strong studio art background. So far, most of the items I sell in my shop are paper-related. I hand make greeting cards and also do some illustration/design work for wedding invitations and such. I've also been trying to focus on using recycled items in my cards too. Most of them have some sort of recycled items, like cardboard, but I'm striving to be as Eco-friendly as possible, and trying to not to purchase so many things directly from the store. I just joined Etsy a few weeks ago, I'm still learning the ins and outs, so any advice is helpful! Can't wait to find out more about everyone!


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