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Meet Kathryn Gorney (Arteest)

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I have been drawing and painting since I was a kid. I decided to start selling my paintings only recently to see if I could have more of a productive hobby:) In myEtsy shop (www.arteest.etsy.com) you will find paintings of all price ranges, $6 to $300. I paint many different styles of paintings. I like the classic artists, like Van Gogh, Kandinsky, and Matisse and you may see a few reproductions from these artists works. I also do a lot of abstract, landscapes, and still life. I love looking at other artists' work and am often inspired by them. I recently took on another artistic challenge by joining with another local group of artists to begin another website. This site will be launching in early February (www.1stplaceart.com). So, I will continue selling on Etsy, but be involved in this project also. I am completing an internship in mental health counseling and will be graduating at the end of the year (finally!). On my "off" days I substitute teach for local schools and enjoy spending time with my very large family.


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