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Meet Deb DiSalvo (Artistic Flair)

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Artistic Flair is a name I came up with after delving into different mediums of the art world. I started out making beaded jewelry about 10 years ago and did various art shows throughout Ohio showcasing my work. A few years later, I got into ceramics and just loved playing with mud! Learning hand building techniques, wheel throwing, coming up with my own line of ceramic jewelry pendants and still doing art shows kept me quite busy. I soon purchased my own kiln and was producing all my ceramic pieces from home. Fusing glass always peaked my interest and once I was introduced to it, there was no turning back! Although I still like using clay and making ceramic jewelry, my focus right now is on making my own fused glass artwork. I love to come up with different and unique designs - the possibilities with this type of artwork are endless.


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