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New Blog Look & More

Author jannypie Category

I thought I would try to make the blog more personalized. I hope you guys like the new look, this banner will also be added to our Etsy profile page. I just found out we will also have a co-leader, Luxury is her shop ID and as soon as I hear from her I will introduce her to all of you. So far it looks like Panera is in the lead and there is one right on High Street. Looks like we are on all sides of town so we will meet in the middle =0) I'm sure most of you know of CafePress, I was thinking once we get a logo we can open up a free shop and have some t-shirts, tote bags and more on the site. Let me know if you would like to run the free CafePress shop. It is easy to make....just upload pictures and size them. We could have the items at cost or charge a bit more and donate the money or use it for the group. Let me know you thoughts.......


Megan said...

The blog looks great!

................................... said...

Thanks Megan =0)

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