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Meet Anne (MadeWithLovingHands)

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I began my discovery of the creative side by taking voice lessons in 1997. Then there was rubber stamping cards. An introduction to alpaca had me craving to use it some way. So, I started weaving with frame looms and then moved to harness looms. Last summer I was introduced to dying silk scarves and a new love was born. Who knows where all this will take me next. In addition to all this, I love to swim, bike, walk with my dog, and cook. The dog is Cricket, a 3 year old Maltese who rules the house.


TakeWrning said...

Great to meet you, do you have a website/blog? I didn't see mention of it in your etsy profile.

(You should like your etsy site here, makes it easier than searching for it at the right)

................................... said...

Her blog is under our favorite blogs at the bottom right of our blog =0)


Made With Loving Hands said...

Thanks for the idea on the blog. I thought I had put it there but that must be my flickr profile.

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