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Meet Molly (MollyStuff)

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I make simple jewelry but I hope that it has an elegance to it that comes from my background in mass-produced goods. I am trained in expanding my design options and narrowing down to the best design (aka... lots and lots of sketching before I even start to make anything!). Right now I'm inspired by art nouveau and art deco jewelry from the early 20th century.I would love to make a million different types of things to sell in my store but I'm going to keep it simple and try to excel at one thing (metal jewelry). I may expand MollyStuff to softgoods(pillows, stuffed toys, clothing), toys, and furniture someday. I'm looking forward to meeting the team!


Megan said...

Hi Molly! As a textile designer, I've been very influenced by art nouveau and art deco also.

Molly said...

Hi Megan! Maybe we'll be able to share some inspiration/books then! :)

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