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Meet Lynda (Armando Javier Design)

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I have been sewing since the third grade. Sewing is like Xanax for me. Its calms me and keeps me centered. I have recently fallen in love with the leather craft. I am learning how to tool at Tandy on Morse Road. It’s a kewl place, and the guys that work there are all very good artisans. I have a day job, and its ok, but not much on creativity….So I make up for it by hanging out at the Cultural Arts Center where I use their studio space to work as a surface design artist. My favorite medium is denim, and silk. I am a bit flashy in style, so I find I have to tone down my work a lot. It’s a real struggle. Why won’t anyone by a purple hair one cowhide purse? WHY? I would like to tie the two disciplines of surface design and leather tooling to really make some cool ‘boo yow’ stuff. See there I go again.


Megan said...

Welcome Lynda! I'm looking forward to seeing your work in person.

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

I love Lynda's creations!! I carry her Obama clutches in my boutique - boutiquemix.com. Everyone loves them. She is truly talented!!!

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