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Photography Demo and Seminar

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Hello my fellow Etsy Columbus Team members! I will be hosting two photography demos at my house. If you want to know the key steps to taking nice professional photographs, you don’t want to miss this! Since most people voted for Wednesday and Sunday as the best days to meet up for them, I will be having the 2 demos on these days, so everyone can join in. I will go over how I photograph my jewelry and beads, the equipment you will need, how to photograph on a budget, and how to photograph larger scale items outside of a light box. ALSO, Bring a piece of your collection that you found was a bit difficult to photograph. I will show each of you a great way to photograph it and we will look at the results. Finally I will briefly cover finishing your photo and listing it. I will go into depth about photo finishing in a future demo. There will be a limit of 10 people per demo, since that is the max I can fit in my office at a time. So, the first 10 to sign up get in to each demo. I will use the comments to this post as a counter for signing up. Be sure to list which day you want to come.

Demo Days: Sunday, March 30th, 3-5:30pm and Wednesday, April 2nd, 6:30-9pm. To gauge how far you will be traveling, my address is: 319 Powhatan Ave (hilltop area) Thanks and I'll see you then! -Michelle (Co-leader Luxury)


Made With Loving Hands said...

Michelle, The Wednesday night would be best for me. However, I would do the Sunday afternoon if Wednesday becomes over crowded. I really appreciate this offer and have just the scarf for you to photograph. Should I bring my form?

Beth said...

I would love to come to the Sunday session...but I am not yet a member of Etsy Team Columbus.

My Etsy shop is up and running (http://modernjax.etsy.com) but I live pretty far outside of Columbus (about 50 miles). I'm still interested in joining, though.

Michelle said...

sure if you want to bring your form, that would be fine :) right now, I don't have too many people signed up, although there was alot of interest, so come whenever you feel like it. i will try and email everyone soon and get a definite idea.

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