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I propose a group challenge! : Wedding Challenge

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I've seen a few other groups doing this and thought it would be fun!
For the first challenge I propose a "wedding" theme.

You must create a wedding themed piece! It can be any style or look, but must be something a wedding party member can wear!

Its a challenge right, so we need some rules....
To stick with the theme, I'm going to say that we should confine the color palette to the white family! Vanillas, Whites, Light grays!

Lets set the deadline for next sunday (27th) to give everyone some time to CREATE a design.
Then we will vote in a poll!
So, have fun with this one!! ..and come up with your own ideas for the next ones!
My brain is already reeling!!


LittleWorksofArt said...

What about a card, of course you can't wear that though?


................................... said...

Yeah...whatever you have in your shop that can be geared towards a "wedding" theme!

Deb DiSalvo said...

OK...I have a wedding theme fused glass picture. Does it have to be something you wear???
Thanks, Deb

................................... said...

I guess not :) It could be something you could give as a wedding gift I imagine. We'll just stay with "wedding themed" I guess.

Karla Ross said...

Posting this again because I think I put it in the wrong spot earlier. My bad!

Okay, I finished mine and am really excited. I loaded it onto
Flickr...but I am not sure how to get it into our group (my older pics
are showing in our group though). So, here's a link that I hope


If that is a bust...here's the link to the listing in my shop:


YAY!!! This was so much fun. I have to say that personally, many of
my designs are kind of fun, casual, fashion-y things, so I had to
really try to think how I could come up with something that was
actually wedding-appropriate, but still reflected my style. Can I
have some more homework, please? hahahaha


Molly said...

Here's mine!


Go Team Columbus!


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