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Meeting this upcoming Tuesday

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Hey all!

So, I hinted on the google group about everyone planning on coming to
our next general meeting this upcoming Tuesday. This is because we
lost Amy as leader and I would like to see if anyone could step in
on a few of the tasks she was covering. Not full blown, but one or two
things distributed amongst people who are willing to help.

I would be especially grateful to all of you who have lived here for a
while and know the area pretty well, to help with local event
planning, since I am a newbie to the Columbus happenings.

So, if you could take some time to dig up some info and bring it to
the meeting it would be very helpful!

Also, since there are still some people who have joined, but haven't
participated/communicated in group chats or events yet, I am going to
stress that everyone should come to at least 1
group event/meeting per
month. Right now we have our general meeting, craft day, and probably
2 demo/seminar days each month set up, as well as group fairs and
shows. So, since that will be 4+ events per month, I would like to see
everyone show up to at least one of them just to keep us building up
as a team. Obviously the general meeting would be preferable for all
to attend, since that is where we will cover the most pertinent

So, remember....Our next team meeting is this upcoming Tuesday, April
15th at Panera on 4519 N High Street from 7-9pm in the back meeting

Thanks so much guys :)
~Michelle (luxury)


Deb DiSalvo said...

Hey Michelle - I just wanted to let you know I won't be able to make the meeting tomorrow night - My hubby and I have to go to kindergarten registration for my son at 7pm. Sorry to let you know so late. I'll catch you all next time around!

mary moon designs said...

I plan to be at the meeting,maybe not on time,but I should be there.Looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting team members that I have not met yet.
Luxury,I don't remember seeing you at the Hanby Arts Auction.I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to you.I just returned from the Philipines Thursday night and everyone was stopping me to hear about my trip.My family had a relly fun time at the auction.Hope you had a good time also:0)

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