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Meet Deb (1ofaKindCreations)

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I live in Grandview with my 2 cats and during weekdays I work at OSU as a counselor,mostly for children. From June to September I also teach watera aerobics every evening and on Saturday mornings, so I keep busy!
I have loved and been involved with art since childhood. I started off drawing, moved to watercolor..took a couple classes along the way.. CCAD,Franklin Park Conservatory..and once went out to the Ghost Ranch in New Mexico for 6 days to take a class in pastels. It was messy!
Then in November 2007 a friend handed me some raw wool scraps and a long needle and said"this is felting-making a motion with her hand- make something." What I made was a small detailed woman's head. I have really gotten into needlefelting and have continued to make quite a few needlefelted sculptures of some interesting characters' heads/busts. last month while visiting Florida I took a rag crochet class and have been having fun making some purses also. I also do house portraits: drawings/watercolors of people's homes.
I am excited to become part of the etsy community.


Megan said...

Nice to meet you Deb! Water aerobics sounds like fun.

Karla Ross said...

Welcome Deb. I look forward to meeting you in person and admiring your creations. -karla

Deb said...

Thank you! I look forward to meeting you,too! I would like to go to any of the "Crafting Days". as the one I went to was on a late Sunday afternoon and that time works for me.
I hope to get my creations listed soon! There is a lot to the whole process!

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