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Meet Sarah (Spacedogstudios)

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I'm a 28 year old artist living outside of Columbus, OH with my cat, my husband, my adorable dog and my beloved DDR mat.My super-professional credentials are that I graduated Magna cum Laude from Kent State University with a BA in Fine Art, have shown my work, and continue my education with night classes at the Columbus College of Art and Design.My favorite materials are paper, paper, paper and more paper, as well as some glue and thread. I've been turning my paper obsession into a line of blank notebooks and journals which works out really well since I love reading and books of all kinds. I also spend a time trying to use every last little shred of material that I possibly can, and occasionally making a collage or some other piece of something I call "fine art."When I'm not holed up in my studio working and looking for things to buy on Etsy, I'm doing floral design for the Michael's store here in Hilliard.


mary moon designs said...

Hi Spacedog,we must have something in common.I ♥ love paper to,I always have.I used to do a lot of rubber stamping.That hobby turned into journal making.Thats when I first started selling my stuff at shows.If you look on my ETSY shop you'll see that I do a variety of arts and crafts now.But I still love paper♥Welcome!!

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