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Earth-friendly Team Member!

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The next time you pass by some trash on the ground thinking someone else will pick it up, take inspiration from team member Lyn St. Clair and her husband David. Residents of Delaware County, they took it upon themselves to start cleaning up their own neighborhood, after Lyn's husband noticed growing amounts of bottles and litter under a local bridge.

Says Lyn, "We didn't really know what we were getting into when we decided to gather a group of volunteers to help us clean it up. It's a much bigger project. Last Saturday, four of us gathered and gathered and gathered. We loaded nineteen Hefty trash bags full of glass bottles and two others full of other assorted trash. We are far from done.".

What a rockstar. Now, that's what I call green! You go Lyn!


Barb S. said...

Hooray for Lyn and Dave and thanks to them for doing their part to keep the environment clean. I really appreciate those who care enough to go the extra mile!

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