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Item of the day - Aromatherapy Sachet

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Here's another cool pick-me-up when you or a pal is feeling a bit under the weather---aromatherapy sachets. Team member Jan also sells other germy versions in her etsy storefront; strep throat, smallpox, plague and anthrax (with apple, vanilla and cinnamon scents). Clever girl! Here is the item description followed by a link to her shop, hoomadeit.
Ryan Rhinovirus - Lavender:
The most usual cause of the common cold. Ease your tension with this felt sachet modeled to look like an adorable rhinovirus bug. This guy is filled with scented rice, which can be heated to relax muscles, the aroma eases stress, and the smile and googly eyes add a touch of humor to brighten the day.

Rhinovirus has star-like projections on its outer layer that bind to your insides. But THESE stars glow in the dark!

Scented Science can be heated in microwave for 15 sec.


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yay!! janny girl!

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