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Monday's Featured Item of the day from Out of the Pink Sky

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Wow! Here's a true conversation starting accessory we just had to share with our readers! Team member Jill runs Out of the Pink Sky on etsy. These earrings are, in fact, a reproduction of the MRI of her head. Clever aren't they? Jill's shop is full of lots of interesting and wonderful earrings, pendants and more.

Originally raised in Louisville, KY, Jill and her husband now call Columbus, OH their home. They have a pug named Xander. She loves reading, gaming, and, of course, crafting. She has a bachelors and masters in medical sociology and works in brain cancer research. However she says she's not truly happy unless she's doing something creative.

We hope you'll stop by her shop to browse her unique wares....OH! And her blog is fun reading too. Links to both are supplied for your convenience. Have a great week everyone!


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