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Tuesday's item of the day from Tsuru Bride

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Okay gang...this might be confusing...yesterday's featured seller did a profile for her blog on today's featured seller a few days ago. We think they are both AWESOME, so are reprinting the sassy interview here today. Be sure to go look at all of the popular creations Meg of Tsurubride has designed and listed for sale in her etsy shop (clutches, business card holders, change purses, and Ipod sleeves like no others you've ever seen before). A link to her blog is also posted. TRES Talented....

Who are you and why should we care?
I am TsuruBride and I make adorable, metallic leather accessories. You should totally care, since if you're ever feeling down my products always make people smile, and who doesn't like smiling? Except for mean, bitter people, but they're horrible at accessorizing anyway. Oh, maybe that's why they're bitter....

How do you plan to take over the world with your creations?
My evil plan consists of an abundance of cuteness. With each creation I melt more and more hearts, until eventually, all that left is warm, mushy feelings, and I swoop in for the kill! Victory will be mine!

If you had to be on one reality TV show, which one would it be and why?
Has to be Project Runway! I'm obsessed with that show as it is, and with my background in fashion design it just makes sense. Plus it's one of the least embarrassing reality shows, and I'd like to hold onto my dignity as long as I can.

Describe one of your prized possessions.
Warning: I'm about to get all sentimental here....
I was trying to pick something like my grandmother's cameo or knick knacks I've collected from my travels, perhaps my sewing machine. But then I thought about what if the house burned down, what would I try and take with me, and the answer was easy - my husband. Now part of this is that my husband has started over in life many times and doesn't have a lot sentimental attachment to objects, and this has definitely rubbed off on me. As well, if I had to start over in life, I feel like as long as my husband was along for the ride, I'd be OK. And I think he'd be OK with the label of "possession", as long as I was his possession as well.

Taking the characteristics of different animals, describe your ideal hybrid pet. What would you name it?
I'd take the short stubby legs of a dachshund, my cat's ears and her purring, an elephants trunk, and some whale's fins. Oooooo.. I would totally mix in some robot action as well. I would name him Fluffy. I like the idea of having a really generic name for an oddball. This, by the way, is going to be in my new line of purses. LOL!

Answer the following statements, for each category, in such a way that it expresses the diversity of your tastes:

a. Music: I like The Decemberists, but I also like Bettye Swann.
b. Movies: I like The Philadelphia Story, but I also like Ironman.
c. Food: I like chocolate, but I also like sushi.

When you close your eyes, do you dream about Night Ranger?
No, but I do dream of Knight Rider.... mmmmm..... oh KITT, you sexy beast of a car.....


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