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Monday's Featured Item of the day from Spacedog Studios

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Good morning all! Hope everyone had a nice weekend :-)

This morning I was inspired to search etsy's tags and descriptions with the 'etsy team columbus' term. This is a great way to browse a wide selection of items created by individual artists on our team without going from shop to shop (and hence, typing in each shop name).

One of the most creative people on our team is Sarah of Spacedog Studios. Why do I say this? Well, first of all, she is doing her part to bring back the art of hand-binding books and journals. She uses interesting patterns, colors, materials, papers, etc. In this more eco-aware age, she is recycling paper and fabric scraps, as well as selling vintage goods. Her wares include scrap packs, sketch books, bookmarks, flash card packs (as seen here), artwork and more. The clever results of her labors have plenty of personality and are sure to inspire you. Seriously, I'm wondering if there's anything she CAN'T do? Did I mention her day job involves floral design for a popular craft store chain? What an enviable CREATIVE life!

We could ramble on all day about this team member and her unique designs, but the best way for you to get to know them is to go and LOOK! Links are provided for both of her etsy stores. Feel free to return here and comment on your favorite items!


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