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Friday's Featured Item of the day

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Lynda of Armando Javier Design is a self-confessed textile and leather addict. Add denim, chenille, and silk to that list as well. Her weekends are spent tooling leather and designing new bags and coats. It's no wonder her bags are to-die-for with all that passion behind them!

Check out the stitching and hardware on this "WAVE" clutch! I mean, yow! FIERCENESS, right? To refresh our knowledge of Lynda's handiwork, we perused her shop and wares just now and were left...how shall we say this? COVETING. Her distressing, patterns, carvings and stampings on those leather beauties is nothing short of divine. You must check them out for yourself!

If you happened to pick up the March issue of Ebony magazine you'd have found our illustrious team member's OBAMA bag mentioned on page 50. Her popularity is building on that momentum, so she is now signing and numbering her designs.

We especially loved her cute anecdotes for her "Angie" cross-body bags! Here is a link to bring you right to her doorstep. Enjoy!


ArmandoJavier said...

Thanks, I had no idea I was here!

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