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Thursday's Featured item of the day

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Shirley, of Maidenhand felted fibers creates original wearable art using various felting techniques with wool, silk, bamboo and other exotic fibers. Great care and attention are paid to detail in her line, which also includes corsage pins and "pod-shaped" bowls/vessels. Her chiffon and wool combinations are a journey for the senses in their unexpected contrast of textures.

This particular "lattice" scarf is hand crafted of 100% fine merino wool. The vibrant teals, magentas and greens are sure to thrill you. It measures 64 by 8 luxurious inches to drape softly around your form.

Shirley is a native of Scotland who now resides in the Brewery district of Columbus. She constantly delights her fellow etsy team members with her lovely accent and breathtaking designs. Her home studio is smoke-free. Take a moment out of your busy day to relax and marvel at her beautiful creations with the link provided below.


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