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Monthly Team Challenge Kick-off

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Our diverse team of artists are proud to announce a new monthly activity we're going to try out. The fun part is that it's INTERACTIVE. We want YOU, our readers, to vote on submissions for each month's creative challenge and help us select a winner. Basically we will announce a theme and team members will have until the 10th of the month to submit their item for consideration. These will then be posted to our blog page. Voting will be open for one week. The party with a majority of votes will be proclaimed winner. The victor receives: bragging rights, gets to pick the next month's theme AND a nice little write up here on our blog with information on them and their business.

We will also be encouraging our team members and readers to spread the word about our challenges. Post a link from your personal blog to ours! There will be no restrictions on the mediums our creative minds may use. Won't it be interesting to see what they come up with when we give them a nudge and free reign?

April and May's themes have been chosen in advance. They are (officially): April will be PUNK ROCK inspired and May is LOVE YOUR MOTHER - EARTH in honor of our planned Eco-chic Craftacular (5/16 & 17). Possible future themes include: Freaks & Geeks, Buckeye Fever, Jamaican me crazy, Bohemian Rhapsody, Hollywood Squares, and Miami Spice.

Remember you are welcome to post your remarks by clicking the link provided under each blog submission. We all love reading your comments and thoughts.


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