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Thursday's Featured item of the day by Maram

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Another member of our team trying to be as eco-friendly as possible is Mara. Her etsy shop is called Maram. There you will find one of a kind pins, purses, zippy bags, hair accessories and pocket mirrors. Much of the material she uses is recycled from old neckties, sheets and sweaters. She is always striving to improve her skills and produce high quality, unique, affordable items.

Check out this felted wool zippy bag. We love the bold colors! It measures 9.5 inches wide by 7 inches deep. The flower and button details are all hand sewn. Once again, this was fashioned from what was a sweater in a "former life." Knowing you're keeping one more item from going into a landfill somehow makes shopping slightly more guilt-free, doesn't it?

Please take a moment to stop in to browse the eclectic selection of items to be found in Mara's shop using the following link:

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