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TGIF Item of the Day by ARTEEST

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In team member Kathryn's shop you will find all original and affordable acrylic and oil paintings. She has been drawing and painting on and off for about 21 years. Custom requests are always welcome, as are changes to size and color scheme.

The painting you see here is one of many in her trees series. (We own one of her originals and our goal is to procure several) This particular one is called "Essence." Doesn't it bring to mind a fleeting sunset? You know...that one delicate, ultra rare moment when the light is perfect, and the shade so vivid it takes your breath away?

In addition to her etsy shop, Kathryn's work may also be found online at Boundless Gallery. Links are provided below. Stop by on your next coffee break for a virtual vacation. Have a great weekend everyone!




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