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Thursday's Featured item of the day by Miss Megan Mac

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Welcome friends. Today we are shining the spotlight on a long-standing team member with "mad skills." Doesn't her sunny yellow silk chiffon scarf make you want to smile??? Allow us to introduce Miss Megan Mac....

I’m an artist and weaver who has been creating art and objects since I was a very young child. My first formal art classes were at The Ohio State University, in a program for children. There I explored drawing and painting, and began learning ceramics. While still in elementary school, I began to do embroidery and learned to sew, all of which started me on my fiber path. I was fortunate to have an art teacher in high school that encouraged me to explore a variety of mediums and taught me strong technical skills. I then moved to New York City to attend college. I graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA degree in product design, specializing in textile design.

I’m now pursuing my artwork full time, working from my home based studio. I create large hand woven art pieces, some of which also utilize techniques such as appliqué and embroidery, and I hope to have some of those in the shop soon. I love to work in different mediums, as it keeps things fresh, and often, what I am working on in one area will inspire another piece elsewhere. I think you should pursue as many things that interest you as you can. There are so many beautiful things in this universe to be inspired by; I find inspiration all around me.

*You can view the results of Megan's inspirations by visiting her etsy shop and also reading her blog. Links are provided below.




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