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Thursday's Featured item of the day by Stinkybomb

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Today we're shining the spotlight on a truly unique soap seller! Stinkybomb is collaboration between husband and wife team, Rob and Megan Green.

Rob has a background in industrial design and creates all the molds. His hobby of WWII reenacting first gave him the idea to cast rubber replicas of the inert ordinances used on the battlefields, when a friend lost his grandfathers trench knife in the playing fields. Rob currently sells resin replicas on his website, http://www.thefieldwerks.com/

Megan is a self taught artist and craft dabbler, whose background specializes in fiber arts. After making the decision to stay home and raise their newborn baby girl but still yearning for the days of receiving a paycheck, a light or bomb, pardon the pun, went off on how to merge their hobbies and skills into a mom and pop business.

View Megan's Etsy shop http://www.moogancreations.etsy.com/.

You can read more about their Stinky endeavours on their blog


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