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How-Tuesday: VeganYumYum Knits with Marzipan

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(from the Storque!)

Feast your eyes on this! Lolo (aka Lauren Ulm) is the brains behind Vegan Yum Yum, a food blog with delectable designs that caught the eye of Martha Stewart herself. This week, her beautiful photo tutorials prove that sometimes it's best to let the pictures do the talking (and instructing!). She's here to instruct us how to "knit" with marzipan for a delectable treat that's as crafty to eat as it is to make. Lolo has also shown Martha Stewart how to make these delicious cupcakes. Watch the video above!

How to make a marzipan ball of "yarn" in 14 easy steps.

How to "knit" marzipan:

Thanks to Lolo for sharing this tasty tutorial with us. Head over to
VeganYumYum.com for more deliciousness. More crafty project downloads can be found in our How-Tuesday series on the Etsy blog!


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