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Belated Congratulations!

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Andrea Baker was the winner of our April team design challenge. The theme was "punk rock." She created a business card cozy from recycled blue fabric with a guitar motif (former shirt) and achieved victory with 21 votes in her favor! Join us as we congratulate her for a job well done. While you're at it, visit her etsy shop to see the many other unique creations she is offering. KUDOS crafting friend!
Here is a cute Q & A Andrea was good enough to complete so our readers can get to know her better!
What kind of items do you create?
Business Card Cozies, Check Book Cozies, Aprons, Totes, Handbags, etc.
How long have you been creating?
I have been creating now for several years and have enjoyed every minute of it.
What or Who are your creative influences?
I see creative influences everywhere I look. In my family, in my friends, in nature, everywhere.
Do you work outside of the home/studio? I am also an Independent Silver Consultant for Inspiranza Designs. www.inspiranzadesigns.com/AndreaBaker as well as an Independent Beautify Consultant for Mary Kay. www.marykay.com/AndreaBaker
What is your education as it pertains to your craft?
My mom was a seamstress when I was younger. She used to make wedding gowns and I remember the little shop she used to work at. The drive way was lined with apple trees. Mom taught me a lot that I never used over the years but when I became a stay at home mom I was looking for something to fill my time while my daughter was at school. Sewing became that hobby and I was able to turn that hobby into a business.
What is your favorite part of creating handmade items?
I absolutely adore being able to take fabric and turning it into an item that will be used.
Do you have any connection likes you'd like to share?
I have several ways you can connect with me. They are all listed on the following link.

Be sure to check back on the 10th of each month to see new design challenge submissions and vote for your favorite. May's theme will be "Eco chic."


RoseStolarz said...

Congrats Andrea!!!

Shake Your Bon Bons said...

Yay you!!!

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