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Monday's Featured Item of the day by Curl Girl Designs

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Over the next month (and hopefully beyond) you will hear a great deal about environmentally friendly or 'eco chic' creations in our blog. Several of our members are passionate about this cause and incidentally our group is sponsoring a fabulous crafting event in May with this theme. We've decided to challenge ourselves and our friends to incorporate some sort of Earth loving elements into their present and/or future artwork and wares. Even by taking baby steps toward this goal or beginning to think about how to "make it work"....we hope to bring about a positive change in our community.

One of our team members currently "walking the walk" is Claire of Curl Girl Designs. Claire describes herself as a midwest girl with a passion for bags. All of the leather she uses in her purses, wristlets and carry-alls is 100% recycled and repurposed. What's old CAN be made new again. Each item is one of a kind! A peaceful vibe accompanies her chic creations. You might see tree branches, koi, or doves appliqued onto one or more bags, as well as the words "peace" and "hope." We definitely recommend you visit her etsy shop and purchase your next bag from our Curl Girl. Links follow....


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