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Friday's Featured Item of the day by Silverflame

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Team member Kristin is the creative force behind etsy shop Silverflame. You might find a variety of items for sale there...including vintage beads, patterns, fabric and gorgeous handcrafted stone and sterling jewelry. Here is a copy of her self-written profile:

I started making jewelry in my high school art class, and it was then that I decided to become an artist. I was living in Texas, and I studied jewelry making, metalsmithing, and lapidary arts in college. I apprenticed, too. I have been a jeweler for 20 years, and I’m still learning. In fact, I’m taking classes right now at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center with an emphasis on lost wax casting and faceted stone setting. My fascination with metals and stones will never end. I cut and polish many of my own stones, so they are completely unique and serve as inspiration and focal points for my jewelry designs. I see my jewelry as tiny sculpture, made to adorn the human body. My work is greatly influenced by historical jewelry, especially ancient excavated pieces. All of my jewelry is one-of-a-kind. My pieces are all different expressions of the beauty I see around me.

*Now friends, focus your attention on this breathtaking ring design. Using an amethyst colored Brazilian agate...Kristin has created a chunky yet feminine accessory and signature piece. You cannot help but marvel at the translucent and opaque layers of purple, lavendar, gray and white. The billowing and bubbly patterns of the stone have been ground and polished for maximum effect within the ring setting. And speaking of the setting...it is sterling silver and has a unique waterfall design.

We hope you'll visit Kristin's shop for more examples of her art and supplies. Here is a direct link:


RedPanties said...

Really lovely silversmithing!

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