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Thursday's Featured item of the day from AmyD

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One of the hippest members of our team is an uber-talented mama named Amy D. This crafty chica even has her own brick and mortar storefront in addition to her etsy shop. She's a dynamo with a sewing machine and serger.

Amy claims she has been sewing since 8th grade home ec class (oh I remember those days...) and was encouraged to create by both her mother and grandmother. Her original handmade clothing for the family is usually made with recycled materials. You really can't beat the way she gives new life to these threads...increasing their cool quotient along the way.

In addition to clothing (skirts, dresses, t's, aprons, etc), Amy also offers felt coffee cozies and pins. The felt she uses is made from recycled soda bottles. So, protect your hands from that simmering beverage AND help the environment.

Here is a link to Amy's etsy storefront and also her shop address so you can browse through her plentiful inventory in person! Have a great day.

219 E. Arcadia Columbus, OH


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