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Wednesday Item of the day from Adornables by Lyn

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Hello loyal readers! Today we want to shine the spotlight on team member Lyn St. Clair and her etsy business Adornables by Lyn.

Lyn has a dream...one so many of us share...to retire and support herself on the earnings she would receive from doing something she really loves. And what she really loves is beading and designing handcrafted jewelry. Although she has a degree in Human development, her career path took her into the Computer field. There she felt dissatisfied and began her quest to transition into the ART world one baby step at a time. Read about her thoughts, doubts and self-discovery during this journey via her personal blog at the following link:

For your enjoyment we decided to share a photo of one of Lyn's recent creations...dangley purple flower earrings. We encourage you to visit her etsy storefront for more refreshing and playful jewelry designs. Lyn also has a twitter page you can follow to stay informed of new developments and shop listings. Enjoy!


RedPanties said...

Great earrings, and I really love the photo, too!

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