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Thursday's Featured item of the day by Zaryana of Art Fey Studio

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Greetings readers! Today we have an exciting featured artist and newer team member. Her name is Zaryana. She creates one of a kind original art dolls that are so incredibly beautiful and enchanting. Their base is of manzanita wood and polymer clay. Hair is hand dyed mohair. Facial features are painted with acrylics and sealed. Wings are removeable. Other embellishments include microbeads and swarovski crystal. Attention is paid to every detail. Even her choice of fabrics reflects the richness of her designs---sometimes ethereal and other times as if they come from an era long past.

Here, in her own words is her profile:

Art Doll making is a big part of my life (and even part of my personality) that gives me an opportunity to dream away from everyday life into the wonderful world of fantasy through the creative process.

I am passionately in love with creating Art Dolls and for me it is as important as fresh air and fresh water. The process of creating itself has many wonderful aspects to it like: research and brainstorming, sculpting and painting, picking colors, fabrics and accessories, designing a costume, finding right color and textures, hair designs and overall creating a character. My characters appear from within, bringing to life the whisper of great legends and fairy tales that surrounded my childhood in the old and beautiful city of Kiev, Ukraine.

I started creating art dolls a long time ago. The interest came from my acting and stage design classes. Theater always inspired me. Many years passed by before I discovered polymer clay and instantly fell in love with this media. Now, after years of teaching art and being a freelance artist, I enjoy escaping into the world of my imagination and putting hours of work into creating a fantasy. Many of my Art Dolls and miniatures are in private collections across the world and I love to hear from my customers that my creations bring joy and happiness to their homes. It makes me a truly happy person.

*Here are two links to better acquaint you with this amazing artist:


maryeb said...

Her pieces are absolutely amazing.

RedPanties said...

These are really beautiful!

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