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Wednesday Item of the day from Triple Nine

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Newer team member, Brandi, is the creative force behind etsy shop Triple Nine. Here is an excerpt from her self-penned profile...

My passion is creating things in general. I literally feel ill if it has been too long since I have made something. I mostly channel that passion into photography, design, and sewing. I also like to knit, paint, draw, and write. I get inspired by just seeing good design, but also by nature, and the books/movies/music I experience.

My biggest inspiration though is probably my daughter. My ultimate dream in life is to work from home just making things! And maybe doing some freelance graphic design and photography work. Though I will scream if I ever have to do another senior picture!

As far as materials go right now I am really into felt. I love how versatile it is and the endless possibilities of it. However, I love to experiment with all fabric and I plan on incorporating some of my more traditional fabric creations into the shop also.

*You can view a selection of her designs or get to know Brandi better by following any of the following links. Enjoy!


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